The provincial government of Palawan announced that the Mangsee Reverse Osmosis Water System in Barangay Mangsee in Balabac is now delivering potable water service with a Level III connection to residents.

Palawan Water, the provincial government’s water utility infrastructure program that implemented the construction and installation of the reverse osmosis system, said the project now offers connection to households aside from delivery services and manual fetching from dispenser hubs.

Installation of Level III connections was conducted to directly provide clean and safe water to every household and give residents a variety of choices according to their preferences, Palawan Water said.

In February 2022, the reverse osmosis desalination plant for Mangsee’s water system was opened. At first, people could get water from 15 stations.

The same water systems have been put in place by the provincial government in Green Island, Roxas, and Cagayancillo, three places where it is hard to get clean water because of their locations.

Because these areas don’t have any groundwater or water from the surface, the provincial government put in desalination machines to turn saltwater into water that people can drink.

The provincial government has constructed around 62 different water system projects in municipalities.