The roundabout at the Balayong People's Park. | Photo from Puerto Princesa Tourism Fan Page

The management of the Balayong People’s Park advises the public to drive at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour (kph) or less inside the public ground to avoid accidents, particularly when traversing the roundabout or rotunda.

Architect Emilyn Kristia Parangue told Arampangan Ta of the City Tourism Department’s (CTD) Amos Ta Ren sa Puerto Princesa radio program on Friday that there is an ordinance that governs the 30 kph speed limit to keep pedestrians and the traffic safe.

“Pero ina-advice na mas bumagal tayo sa rotunda. Alam natin na bago lang tayo nagkaroon ng ganitong mga rotunda. Kung dadaan tayo sa rotunda, mas maigi po kung ibaba natin sa 10 kph yong speed natin para maging maingat, hindi lang sa traffic, sa mga nagda-drive, kundi pati na rin sa pedestrian na pumunta dito,” Parangue said.

She mentioned that visitors to the Balayong People’s Park who are interested in seeing the one-of-a-kind roundabout can park on the opposite side of the water park for the time being because parking areas are still in the process of being constructed.

In the late afternoon, when work is done for the day, they can also park close to the Old City Hall and near the former police station office at the RVM Sports Complex, she explained.

Parangue provided the explanation with the aid of the CTD following inquiries from the public about where to park if they wanted to spend more time at the Balayong People’s Park.

The newest feature of the Balayong People’s Park is a roundabout, a type of circular intersection or junction where traffic is allowed to flow in one direction around a central island.

According to Mayor Lucilo Bayron, the objective is to have a new landmark in Puerto Princesa that pays tribute to the city’s extensive cultural history as well as the indigenous Batak peoples (IP), who reside in mountainous regions that are protected and contain rare species of flora and fauna.

Its layout includes a wishing well, into which guests can place coins and make wishes while they are there.