A joint operation by law enforcement agencies in Palawan resulted in the arrest of a wanted person for violating wildlife laws.

Collen Laurio Magalang, 56, a resident of Brgy. Ramon Magsaysay, Aborlan, was apprehended on April 19 by Aborlan MPS, PIU, Palawan PPO, 2nd SOU-MG, Quezon SBU, 1st Provincial Mobile Force Company, PHPT-Palawan, Regional Intelligence Unit 4B, PALCIT Tracker–RID, and NISGW.

Magalang’s arrest was carried out based on a warrant issued by Judge Norferio Barranco Nono of MTC-Aborlan, dated April 18, 2023. He is facing charges for violating Section 27(F) of the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, as indicated in the criminal case docketed under CC No. 3653. The recommended bail for Magalang is P24,000.

Following the arrest, Magalang was taken into custody by Aborlan MPS for proper disposition in accordance with the law. The specific details of the alleged violation of the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act were not immediately available, and further investigation and legal proceedings are expected to determine the appropriate course of action in his case.