(Photo courtesy of Palawan Police Provincial Office)

A man was arrested in Narra after an undercover agent purchased smuggled New Berlin cigarettes from him in a buy-bust operation on Tuesday.

The arrested individual, identified only as alias Mark, 34, a resident of Barangay Saraza, Brooke’s Point, in the southern part of Palawan, was apprehended during the buy-bust on March 5, around 7:20 p.m. at the corner of Barangay Sandoval and Bagong Sikat in the said town.

During the buy-bust, the poseur buyer and arresting officer were able to purchase one ream of smuggled cigarettes, 50 packs of New Berlin red, valued at ₱14,000, resulting in his arrest.

The Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit, Palawan Police Provincial Office, and Narra Municipal Police Station eventually seized six master cases of New Berlin cigarettes, one pack of white cigarettes, and other items, including a Wigo.

The confiscated items have an estimated market value of ₱84,000. Both the arrested violator and the seized items were handed over to the custody of Narra MPS.

He will be charged with violating Republic Act No. 10643, also known as the Graphic Health Warnings Law, which is a Philippine law that mandates the printing of graphic health warnings on tobacco products.

It requires cigarette packs to have picture-based warnings covering a significant portion of the packaging to inform consumers about the health risks associated with smoking. This law aims to increase public awareness of the dangers of smoking and reduce tobacco consumption.