Law enforcement authorities have apprehended the second most wanted person at the municipal level in Coron town, Northern Palawan, for an alleged agrarian reform law violation.

According to a report from the Palawan Provincial Police Office (PPO) on Friday, Lester Dale Santos, a 39-year-old farmer residing in Brgy. Decalachao, was arrested on August 3 for violating Republic Act 6657, also known as the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law.

This law mandates the equitable redistribution of land to farmers and farmworkers without land, aiming to achieve social justice and fair land ownership. However, the police report did not detail the specific violations committed by Santos in relation to this.

The joint operation involved the Coron Municipal Police Station (MPS) in collaboration with the Provincial Intelligence Unit of the PPO, 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company (2nd PPMFC), and Regional Intelligence Division-Police Anti-Crime and Emergency Response (RID-PALCIT).

Santos was apprehended in Brgy. Decalachao based on a warrant issued on June 6, 2023, by Judge Lovelle Moana Hitosis of the Municipal Circuit Trial Court (MCTC) of Coron-Busuanga.

Specifically, he is facing criminal charges under Criminal Case No. 4405. Furthermore, he is also accused in separate cases under Criminal Case Number CRN-2023-0605 and CRN-2023-6635, as per the warrants issued by Judge Arnel Pecundo Cezar of Branch 163, 4th Judicial Region, Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Coron.

Each case recommends a bail amount of P72,000.

Upon his arrest, Santos was informed of his Miranda Rights and the Anti-Torture Law, ensuring that his rights are safeguarded during the legal process.

At present, Santos is in the custody of the Coron MPS.