The LVP Arena, One Body, One Life

Jessica and her sister had been working out in The Arena for seven days.

Pag malaki ka, mataba ka, mahirap huminga,” Jessica said. “Masakit sa katawan pero after three days you will feel better. I am feeling the renewed energy. Being a chef, I love to cook and eventually napabayaan ang katawan. Pangarap mong maging fit pero hindi mo magawa. Kahit isang oras isang araw, nabibigyan mo ang sarili mo ng panahon. ‘Pag napabayaan mo na ang sarili mo, madaling umiinit ang ulo mo, naha-high blood ka na. Ngayon masaya na ko sa ginagawa ko. ‘Yung bayad na P29 pesos, sulit para sa sarili mo.”

The Arena opened last June 18, 2017.

A 13-year-old student comes after his classes. He told his Mom that he wants to lose weight. He said that during the first few days, it was painful for him.

Binu-bully po ako dahil malaki ako. Dati nakakain po ako ng five cups of rice. Ngayon one cup na lang ng kanin. Natututo akong magdisiplina ng katawan,” says Dayne who used to have a 43-inch waist line and now is happy that its down to 40-inch considering that he just started working out a week ago.

Nathan wanted to be a professional boxer. Being just an 18-year-old man, he already won one fight. Unfortunately, he said that after the victory he rested for a long time and eventually gained weight. Now he is back to working out, practicing his boxing skills and aiming to lose weight. He said he enjoys boxing and the training and discipline it entails.

These are the few testimonies of people who wanted not just to look good but to feel better. They come to the LVP Arena Training and Fitness Center.

The Arena located at Abadsantos St. Corner Fernandez Ext. is not just an ordinary gym. On the outside, it looks like a warehouse – high ceiling, storage area. Take a peek on the inside and the reception desk that takes time to listen and explain how body metabolism works, the role of diet and a personalized work-out program.

They even have a 3rd party partner to do individual medical check-ups a program. The equipment are top quality, bought from different places and precisely placed on the gym ground.

Depending on whether one likes to take up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Zumba, Self Defense or simply to use the gym equipment for a one-on-one work out, they have certified, full-time coaches and trainers to assist and cater to one’s needs.

Part of their vision is to produce a world-class athlete, to help and assist young sportsmen to represent Palawan on MMA or Boxing.

The gym’s values – camaraderie, team work, discipline, respect and family culture – embody those of its owners, Lloyd and Eloisa Policarpio. Being sports lovers themselves, they wanted to provide Palawan a one-stop shop for physical fitness.

Their tag line One Life, One Body, A Healthier and Happier Life aptly describes The Arena.

The rates for gym use are not just affordable but also negotiable. The owners are not too keen for a massive return on their investments, and their priority is to sustain and develop The Arena.

Their coaches and trainers painstakingly explain every detail to their clients. They explain how every program can affect the body. Respectful and friendly, they personally know their clients. They take time to check on their training, personally support them on their right moves, proper forms, and breathing. They tailor-fit every client’s program and see to it that they are able to do and enjoy it.

Most of them are seasoned athletes. They have participated and competed in their chosen sports and personally know the discipline and respect required in their field. They now give their full-time effort to help and assist the clients.

The LVP Arena Training and Fitness Center believes that sports discipline impacts greatly on one’s life. Sweating a lot may be a part of it, but it will indeed produce a Healthier and Happier Life, you only have One Life and One Body after all.

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