Photo courtesy of Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort Facebook Page

Multi-awarded green resort, Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort, welcomes the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) plan to incentivize tourism establishments that practice sustainability.

In an interview with Palawan News, Daluyon owner Butch Tan said the department’s move is “good news” for the promotion of sustainable tourism in the country.

Tan, who is known as one of the province’s “pioneers” of sustainable tourism, thinks that it is the future of their industry because it works to protect the environment, which is the basis for most destinations in the country.

Located within the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New7Wonders of Nature, Tan revealed that their first motivation is to lower their carbon footprint, basically to help the environment.

Tan said that with the DOT’s plan to incentivize sustainable tourism practices, a lot of tourism-related establishments (TRE’s) are expected to follow Daluyon’s practice.

“Yes, incentives will definitely encourage entrepreneurs to implement green practices in their internal operations.” Tan noted.

Although there were setbacks in converting Daluyon to be ecofriendly in the late 2000s, Tan said that it would be much easier for TREs to practice sustainability as technology and information are now widely available.

“During the early days around 2008, the challenges of going green or sustainable were the lack of technology and supply of gadgets readily available in Puerto Princesa. It was a big challenge to source out items and suppliers from Manila or other parts outside of the country. Unlike today, most information can be searched online and gadgets can be purchased online,” he said.

Tan stated, however, that it takes discipline and determination to implement these green practices.

“No problems naman to implement, it’s just the will to do it,” he added.

Daluyon is a 4-star luxury resort in the city. It has won three ASEAN Green Hotel Awards and Level 4 Anahaw certification, which is the second-highest level for the first national green certification in the Philippines and is recognized by the DOT.

In a post-SONA Economic Forum, DOT Secretary Christina Frasco proposed giving incentives to tourism stakeholders who practice sustainability alligned to the governments’ green policies towards the preservation of local destinations.

“[It’s] very, very important to incentivize sustainable tourism policy implementation—the introduction of incentives for the private sector that would implement green policies that give value to the preservation of the environment, as well as the introduction of measures that promote environmental protection, energy-efficient usage, and the like,” she said.