Lionheart Farms, an agri-business company based in Rizal town, has planted a total of 1,047 seedlings of various tree species such as ipil, narra, and bamboo on November 23-28 in Rizal through the “Pegluwak Dot Bukid” Program.

The program, which is part of the company’s commitment to the conservation of nature and enriching forests, has planted an estimated 10,000 seedlings throughout the duration of the program.

The activity was meant to preserve the environment, especially the well-known Mt. Mantalingahan. The company spearheads the tree planting every year.

Pegluwak Dot Bukid is a Palaw’an term which means “to plant in the mountains”. The activity was joined by not only the employees of Lionheart but also barangay officials, indigenous peoples (IPs), and community leaders.



The first mass planting of trees was held in 2016. In previous years, Pegluwak Dot Bukid was conducted at the Upper and Lower Malutok, which are part of the municipality, but were later on transferred to a forest in Maruso, Ransang. This was to help revitalize a nearby river that serves as the main water supply of barangays Ransang and Candawaga. Since then, the company has planted more than 10,000 trees in Rizal.

“One does not have to worry about the seedlings to be planted, it would already be provided by Lionheart. You will only have to get to the site, get some seedlings, and find a good spot to plant it. Be reminded, however, that the road to the planting site will be muddy and slippery since the event usually takes place during the rainy season,” Ivorie Dela Torre, a Lionheart employee, said in a company press release.

Agroforestry compliance manager Alwin Nemiada added that despite having to cross several rivers to get to the planting site, the planted trees will eventually benefit the local ecosystem once they reach full growth.

“You will also have to cross rivers occasionally to get to the planting site, but all the hardships of getting to the site will be paid off once you get to realize your goal of planting that seedling that would definitely be a great help to the riverbanks in Rizal and in Mt. Mantalingahan,” he said.



Company president Christian Eyde Moeller added that Lionheart conducts its tree planting activities to benefit future generations.

”Lionheart’s contribution to protecting the environment and particularly Mount Mantalingahan is through its partnership with the indigenous community to provide an economic fence to protect it and of course Department of Natural Resources (DENR). With this company program of planting more trees we are not only fulfilling our obligations, we remain steadfastly committed to the environment and its development not just today but for more than a hundred years to come,” he said.