Fireworks went off over the star lanterns to announce the beginning of the Yuletide Season and the Christmas celebrations in Rizal town, Southern Palawan. on November 26, 2022.

Lionheart Farms, Inc., in collaboration with the Rizal town local government unit, launched the Paskuhang Pinoy sa Lionheart on Saturday, signaling the start of the Yuletide Season and Christmas festivities in the town.

Lionheart co-founder and CEO Christian Moeller stated that the event was organized to express gratitude to the people of Rizal for their support and blessings over the last five years since the company began operations.

“I have to first and foremost thank everyone, that have worked so hard to make this possible. We wanted to give back to the people of Rizal so we are doing this for them so that they will also enjoy the fruits of our hard work,” Moeller said.

Moeller likewise recognized tribal leaders and other Indigenous Peoples’ communities, as well as local government officials of the town. “It is so important that we have a good spirit of dialogue, and that we are always committed to progress, and dealing with all challenges as they come,” he said.

Lionheart co-founder and CEO Christian Moeller (3rd from left) with 2nd District Palawan Rep. Jose Alvarez (2nd from left) during the opening of “Paskuhang Pinoy” on November 26 in Rizal town, Southern Palawan.

During the opening ceremony, the new office of Lionheart which is located at the heart of Rizal town in front of the municipal hall was also inaugurated. During the celebration, its Christmas lights were turned on together with a 20-foot Christmas tree, symbolizing the start of the festivities.

“We have found our home in our new office which we tried to inaugurate a couple of times during the pandemic, but finally, we are here today,” Moeller said.

Furthermore, he recalled how the company started its venture in the remote southern town seven years ago where he also thanked 2nd District Representative Jose C. Alvarez who was the governor of the province at that time in 2015.

He said it was Alvarez’ answers to his questions that convinced him to come to Rizal and start his endeavor.

“I remember the one question that remained in our mind, and that was – governor, can you convince me that we are going to have bridges and roads that can bring our products out of Rizal?” And I can’t think of many people that might not have been able to deliver a convincing answer. But I can tell all of you, that with my partner, co-founders, on that day in September 10, 2015, we left the office of Gov. Alvarez entirely convinced that we would have that. And that was one of our last remaining big questions,” he explained.

“So that brings me to that moment to where we are today, and how was that possible. And this is where I have to first and foremost thank everyone, that have worked so hard to make this possible,” he added.

Alvarez on the other hand lauded Lionheart for its success and giving an opportunity to the town to host the company.

“Tonight, I can see not only the excitement in the person who led this important investment in southern Palawan. Without this, insurgency will never be curtailed. The payroll that Lionheart pays out to our indigent workers and the IPs in more than a thousand employees now, so I congratulate not only Lionheart but every resident of Rizal,” he said.

Rizal Vice Mayor Maria Gracia Zapanta also thanked the company for choosing Rizal as their place of investment saying it has somehow uplifted the economic situation of the town.

“Maraming salamat sa Lionheart sapagkat nakikita natin at nararamdaman na unti-unti na tayong umaangat. Kaya sa ating mga kababayan at lalo’t higit sa mga empleyado ng Lionheart na taga-Rizal, kami ay natutuwa sapagkat mayroon nang katuwang ang pamahalaang bayan ng Rizal upang pag-create ng employment dito sa ating bayan,” she said.

Moeller’s wife Cecille explained that the Paskuhang Pinoy which is now on its second year has become a part of Lionheart’s commitment to the town of Rizal and its people.

“We at Lionheart, Christian and I have a big dream for Rizal. Asahan ninyo na taon-taon ay bibigyan namin kayo ng kasiyahang katulad nito,” she said.