Lionheart Farms, a company based in Rizal, Palawan is encouraging everyone to try its newest line of coconut-derived food products, now available at NCCC Malls in Puerto Princesa City and in Lazada.

The COCOES line features syrups and a seasoning liquid that is perfect for every day meals and cravings.

All Lionheart’s products are proudly made in Palawan, from sourcing raw coconut flower sap to packaging. 

“These products are our response to the sugar consumption crisis that is happening all over the world. Our products are best used for baking, cooking, and for putting in coffee and tea,.” said Lionheart co-founder and president Christian Moeller.

The COCOES Coconut Flower Nectar comes in light and dark variants. Moeller described the light syrup as having a tangy taste to contrast with the sweetness, while the dark syrup has a richer flavor and is ideal for pancakes and sweeteners for coffee. Meanwhile, the COCOES Aminos is an all-purpose seasoning liquid and is recommended as a substitute for soy sauce and fish sauce.

“It is mostly a substitute for typical sweeteners such as white sugar, a common ingredient in every day foods. However, our syrups are on the low glycemic index (GI). They are also classified as slow-release [GI], which means that there is less chances of spiking in blood sugar,” said Moeller.

He added that the Lionheart’s products, which are mostly derived from the coconut trees being grown in Rizal, Palawan, are part of the company’s commitment to enriching the locals’ lives through their sustainably-sourced products.

“Everything about our products, from the raw materials to bottling, happens here in our factory at Rizal. Our products are all proudly made in Palawan by Palaweños, and we want to show the whole world that Palawan can produce top quality products for export aside from tourism, which is what Palawan is known for,” said Moeller.

The company is also looking into other channels of distribution for the products, especially to the municipalities. International shipping, particularly for Asia and North America, is also being eyed by the company.

COCOES products can be purchased at NCCC Malls in their Lacao St. and San Pedro branches and online at Lazada. For more information, visit Lionheart Farms also sells Coconut Flower Sugar in light and dark variants.

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