Cecille Chang-Moeller, Vice President of Lionheart Farms and other awardees during the 62nd Founding Anniversary of the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne), Philippine Army held on June 25, 2024, at Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija.

Lionheart Farms Vice President Cecille Chang-Moeller was recognized as the Stakeholder of the Year 2024 by the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) of the Philippine Army.

She was presented with the prestigious award during the regiment’s 62nd Founding Anniversary celebration on June 25, at Fort Magsaysay in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija.

The award celebrates Lionheart Farms and Cecille’s extraordinary assistance for the 18th Special Forces Company, notably in terms of executing peace and development projects and encouraging community harmony. Her services have considerably benefited the unit’s objective, demonstrating the importance of civilian collaborations in military success.

Lieutenant General Roy Galido, commanding general of the Philippine Army, and Brigadier General Ferdinand Napuli, regiment commander of the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne), conferred the award.

LTGEN Roy M Galido PA (Middle), Commanding General of the Philippine Army and BGEN Ferdinand B Napuli PA (Left), Regiment Commander of the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) of the Philippine Army, conferred the plaque of appreciation as Stakeholder of the Year 2024 to Cecille Chang-Moeller.

As the guest of honor, Galido conveyed his sincere gratitude to the members of the Special Forces, pointing out the value of upholding high standards, as well as to their stakeholders, stressing the relevance of working together.

“This provides us a reason to do our best, always. You are always putting your best foot forward or your best effort at any given time,” Galido said.

The anniversary celebration was not only a time to honor past achievements but also to emphasize the ongoing commitment of the Special Forces Regiment to courage, determination, and service to the nation.

Cecille Chang-Moeller and LTGEN Roy M Galido PA, Commanding General of the Philippine Army

Their theme, “Matatag na Special Forces para sa Bagong Pilipinas,” was a fitting reflection of their enduring legacy.

This event “commemorates a long tradition of courage and determination in service to the nation towards a ready, capable and constantly evolving Special Forces”, according to SFR-A.

Cecille, who also serves as creative director of CÓCOES Limited, balances her professional responsibilities with a deep commitment to community service. She supports her husband, Christian Eyde Moeller, the president and CEO of Lionheart Farms, in their shared mission of promoting education, empowerment, environmental protection, and community engagement in Palawan.

“This recognition is not just for me but for everyone at Lionheart Farms who works tirelessly to make a positive impact on our community. Our partnership with the Special Forces Regiment is a testament to what can be achieved when we come together with a shared vision of peace and development,” said Cecille as she reflects on her award.

Cecille Chang-Moeller and CAPT Gervin B Samonte, Company Commander of the 18th Special Forces “STINGRAY” Company (18SFC), one of the independent companies of the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne), Philippine Army deployed at the frontier of Palawan.

Cecille’s dedication to similar goals as the Special Forces Regiment highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in fostering peace and sustainable development in the Philippines. Her work in Palawan has been particularly impactful, gathering and supporting stakeholders to achieve a common goal of community development and sustainable impact.

Such partnerships are crucial to the Armed Forces of the Philippines in its mission to safeguard the nation and its citizens.

Cecille’s award represents an example of the value of collaboration between the business and military sectors, demonstrating that they can work together to produce long-term positive outcomes for the nation.