LinkedIn ranks the leading startups in the Philippines and focuses on the rise of digital entrepreneurship, entertainment, and education.

● The Philippines’ first top startups list showcases homegrown tech companies
● Companies that successfully captured market opportunity during the pandemic feature prominently on this year’s list

LinkedIn, the largest professional network in the world, has unveiled its inaugural Top Startups in the Philippines list, highlighting the local startup companies that have demonstrated resilience in an uncertain market environment and are continuing to innovate in 2022.

LinkedIn looked at data from four areas: employee growth, jobseeker interest, attracting top talent, and engagement with the company’s LinkedIn page and employees.

LinkedIn put out its Top Startups list for the first time in the Philippines.

“In an uncertain financial climate, what has proven resilient time and time again is the enterprising spirit that startups embody, especially those on this year’s LinkedIn Top Startups list. In the Philippines, we see a diverse mix in sectors such as e-commerce, education, and entertainment, which continue to lead the way in the future of skills by embracing innovation and attracting top talent with their robust cultures,” said Satoshi Ebitani, senior managing editor of LinkedIn News.

“Through this list, we hope to spark meaningful conversations surrounding the future of work and inspire professionals to equip themselves with the necessary skills to thrive, no matter the headwinds,” he added.

New era of entrepreneurship
The micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise (MSME) sector has always been robust in the Philippines. The pandemic accelerated its growth as Filipinos started micro- or solo-businesses to boost their income and deal with financial difficulties.

This new class of entrepreneurs behind startups such as SariSuki (#2), Shoppertainment Live (#3), Edamama (#5), Growsari (#6), Peddlr (#9), and Prosperna (#10) met opportunities to respond to the demands of the times.

Entertainment, E-sports, and Education companies are thriving
The success of the live-streaming platform Kumu (#4), led by local creatives and talent, highlights the country’s growing demand for innovative and interactive digital entertainment that champions Filipino voices and perspectives. Meanwhile, gaming and e-sports company Tier One Entertainment (#1) shows the unique potential of this lucrative industry by investing in talent and technology.

In order to survive and develop during the pandemic, according to Tryke Gutierrez, co-founder and CEO of Tier One Entertainment, investing in automation, the right people, and knowledgeable leadership who are open to feedback and the constantly changing status quo of their industry was essential.

“LinkedIn has helped us tell our story to the world. We’re able to share more long-form content that isn’t as readily digestible on other social media platforms to an audience that is more open to serious or nuanced discussion,” Gutierrez said.

Education technology (Edtech) platform (#8) saw an opportunity to be of service in response to the disruption in the education sector and emerging concerns about the future readiness of today’s youth.

Growth areas in digital finance
As digital finance becomes more mainstream in the Philippines, the rise of PDAX (Philippine Digital Asset Exchange) (#7), a homegrown cryptocurrency exchange, indicates the Filipinos’ growing interest in exploring new frontiers in personal finance and investments to diversify and optimize their portfolios, navigate the current economic climate, and benefit from future growth potential.

The top 10 startups in the Philippines are:

  1. Tier One Entertainment
  2. SariSuki
  3. Shoppertainment Live
  4. Kumu
  5. Edamama
  6. GrowSari
  7. PDAX (Philippine Digital Asset Exchange)
  9. Peddlr
  10. Prosperna
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