ExpressClean Laundry Service Center and Showroom opened its 40th branch in Puerto Princesa City on April 30.

ExpressClean is both a laundry and a laundry business consulting service, stemming from its official partnership with LG, a service center and dealer of laundry equipment sourced from Bigwash.

The Laundry Lounge is also the 14th Service Center operated by ExpressClean in the Philippines in partnership with LG Electronics and Bigwash.

ExpressClean opened its first branch in San Pedro, Laguna, in 2017. In 2021, CEO and founder Arles Uy Jr. forged a partnership with LG Electronics to become a certified dealer of LG Commercial Laundry Equipment.

Uy sought a way to innovate the laundry business in the Philippines, having seen the challenges in the industry after the pandemic.

“Three years ago, we noticed that the laundry industry was very unstable. The problem we encountered before was the lack of after-sales, no service center in the area, totally nothing. The industry was wide, but we didn’t know who to approach for repairs. Because of that experience, we created something different but good that can uplift the industry. We wanted to help our fellow laundreprenuers so we applied to LG,” he said.

Thus, with approval from the mother company, AAU Corporation, ExpressClean renovated its business model to revolve from a laundry service provider to a Laundry Business Consultancy. A one-stop shop scheme was created to provide everything an aspiring laundrypreneur needs to start and sustain his or her laundry business.

Located at Carandang Road, on the ground floor of the Istroberi Inn, Laundry Lounge is operated by ExpressClean, an LG Concept store. It is the first in the entire region of Mimaropa—a milestone for the business, now present across all 17 regions in the country.

Uy had carefully planned for their 40th branch in Puerto Princesa, currently the mini version out of all Laundry Lounge branches, with a total area of 118 sq. m. of space.

He noted that all of the laundry service owners they interviewed during last month’s three-day survey in Puerto Princesa used the household version of the washing machines. He said that those machines were not made to carry big loads of laundry in one go and were not proper equipment to use long-term.

When Mr. Uy asked local laundry service owners why they wouldn’t buy the commercial version, they mentioned that options were limited in Palawan, and that they were dependent on whatever stock the local shops and malls carried with them.

“It’s cheaper, but the lifespan is limited. Those household machines are not designed for continuous use; they are not a good partner for a long-term business. This is one of the challenges Palawan is facing. They have this idea that you just have to buy any machine, and you can already have a laundry business. This will be very challenging; however, we have done this before, and I feel that we can do this again,” he said.

When asked about whether the laundry business would prosper in Palawan, notorious for its power outages and telecommunication problems, Uy said that it is possible.

“Electricity here in Palawan is stable. That is the most important thing to me. Power outages, like in other regions, are rotational, and they happen. We experienced this in GenSan, Cebu, and Davao, this happens in the entire country,” he added.

The branch in Puerto Princesa has six units of the LG Titan Max and eight units of the LG Giant C Max. As an LG Commercial Laundry Equipment dealer, ExpressClean has partnered with a logistic company and stored LG Units in a nearby warehouse, making the laundry business more accessible to the community. Furthermore, since the laundry shop also functions as an LG Service Center, they made it a point to stack on-hand LG spare parts, which are readily available for pull-out within the showroom.

Close partnerships
Two things were accounted for in every ExpressClean branch: the presence of customers, and opportunities for investors. Uy noted that their laundry shop business consultation was meant to share their business models with other up and coming laundry shop owners who want to improve their services or start in the industry. This consultation included free, unlimited training for the laundry business.

“Express Clean is not for franchise. We want to help our investors build their own laundry business. Its better and more affordable for them that way. In a sense, the services we provide is like that of a franchise but without the franchise fee or that Royalty fee,“ Uy said.

“Maybe 1 more here in Palawan (expansion). We are not here for money, our goal is to build LG Service Centers in every regions strategic locations to make aftersales more convenient for all LG Commercial Laundry users,” Uy further added.

This air conditioned room included a mezzanine area meant as a hangout spot for customers, along with a large television set, comfortably tabled chairs, and electronic sockets for those wanting to do their work while waiting for their 45-minute load to be done.

Express Clean laundry services can be found next door to Istroberi Inn on Carandang Road. For those who wish to reserve units in advance for their laundry, they can use the Laundry Lounge App that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. Those who wish to inquire about their laundry services or business consultation can be reached through or directly at 09 688 704 200.