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While some Kpop stars indulge in junkfoods or sweets as their go-to snack, LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha opted for something healthy, and this includes an all-time Filipino favorite snack that is loved worldwide—dried mangoes.

In her vlog, the Kpop star shows off two bags of dried mangoes that, according to her, have been her recent favorites.

“There’s this food that I’m into these days. It’s dried mango. So I didn’t even know that I had two dried mangoes at home. This one, I bought, and this one, I brought from a set. Dried mangoes are so delicious, and I’m eating a lot these days.” Kazuha said.

Kazuha also shared her favorite way to eat dried mangoes. Her go-to recipe includes a plain yogurt.

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“I put two or three slices of dried mango in a cup of plain yogurt. I put it in the fridge overnight. When I wake up the next day and open the yogurt, the dried mango has soaked up the moisture and becomes fresh again. The yogurt becomes sweeter, and the mango becomes fresh, so it’s really cool.” she said.


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