The Municipal Tourism Office of Taytay town in northern Palawan is developing Lake Manguao as a bird watching destination.

In a statement, the Taytay tourism office said that they have been continuously developing its local tourist destinations to provide alternatives to local and international guests especially those who are into bird watching.

“Bird Watching Guides in Lake Manguao are continuously honing their skills in bird identification and proper birding ethics. This is Taytay, Palawan Tourism Office ‘s way of ensuring that local communities are actively participating and the first to benefit from tourism activities as the local government continuously develops tourist attractions in Taytay,” the office said.

The tourism office also boasts of the endemicity of avian fauna in the area making it a viable spot for bird watching.

“Lake Manguao is one of Palawan’s birdwatcher’s haven, home to at least 138 species of birds, including more than 15 that are only found in Palawan,” they said.

The Wild Bird Photographers of the Philippines (WBPP) welcomed this move claiming that Palawan has really much to offer in terms of birding.

In 2019, WBPP has been instrumental in the declaration of Puerto Princesa as the “Birding Capital” of the Philippines together with the Department of Tourism in MIMAROPA.