If you’re on the hunt for a refreshing beverage to beat the heat and satisfy your milk tea cravings, we highly recommend giving Kurimi Milk Tea Bar a try.

There are several reasons why milk tea is so popular. One of the most appealing aspects of this beverage is the flavor it imparts when milk, tea, and a sweetener—such as sugar or honey—are combined. Tapioca pearls, a popular addition, lend a delightful chewy texture to the drink.

The many milk tea establishments in the city are well known to the locals. The sweet milky drink has become an integral part of their everyday lives, and fixation on it is more than simply a passing trend. Here’s the newest business in town, where you can get a unique milk tea experience even if you believe you’ve tried everything in the Puerto Princesa or Palawan.

Kurimi Milk Tea Bar has just opened its first location in Puerto Princesa, making it the 64th shop in the Philippines. The interior design of Kurimi, which resembles a page from a children’s storybook, provides a unique 2D experience.

The originality of Kurimi’s beverages and decor piqued franchisee Victor Lim’s interest right away. He had planned to open his store by 2020, but the pandemic put everything on hold, he said.

“When I was in Manila, at pinakita nila ang iba’t ibang store, sabi ko, ‘Ang galing, bagay sa younger generations.’ Nagandahan ako at tama na dalhin ito sa Palawan, and the reception was good (When I was in Manila, they showed me various stores and I said, ‘Wow, these are suitable for the younger generations.’ I was impressed and thought it would be good to bring this to Palawan, and the reception was good),” he said.

On April 29, 2023, his family finally opened the shop, believing that it was the perfect timing.

Any of the shop’s beverages will leave you feeling “creamy”, just like the Japanese word “Kurimi” suggests. The milk and tea have a pleasant flavor and go nicely with the creamy texture. What’s more, their milk tea concoctions are not overly sweet and can be enjoyed by people of all ages who are curious about milk tea.

“Sa consistency ng lasa, I can be proud of my team. Kailangan kasi mag-jive ang taste, kahit gaano kaganda ang place, but the taste is not, hindi ka nila babalikan (In terms of taste consistency, I can be proud of my team. The taste needs to jive, no matter how beautiful the place is, because if the taste isn’t good, customers won’t come back),” he said.

Kurimi is dedicated to delivering a high-quality beverage as it values its customers’ money. Lim said their milk tea shop is suitable for individuals of all ages, despite the fact that the entire experience may appeal to the younger generation.

In addition to a range of milk tea flavors, Kurimi Milk Tea Bar also provides hot beverages, such as cappuccino, matcha tea, and more. Furthermore, the shop serves snacks, including Japanese buns, pizza, and chicken pops that take inspiration from Japanese cafe culture.

“Para hindi lang bata ang mag-enjoy, pati parents nila, and even mga lola’t lolo. It is pang-family na, hindi lang tambayan for kids (So that not only kids can enjoy, but also their parents, and even grandparents. It’s for the whole family, not just a hangout spot for kids),” he said.

Kurimi’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the consistency of its milk tea blends enable it to thrive in the highly competitive market of the city. The brand’s success has been proven not only in its home country of Japan but also in other locations such as the US and France.

Ricardo Cuna, President and CEO of Kurimi Milk Tea Enterprises Corp., which holds the franchise in the country, said that the branch took two years to materialize.

“Gustong-gusto natin ang Palawan, especially ang Puerto Princesa, because it is a destination. Considering the brand’s popularity nationwide, expect some followings in other cities. Malaki ang expectation natin, Kurimi, is very strong in key cities (We love Palawan, especially Puerto Princesa, because it is a destination. Considering the brand’s popularity nationwide, we can expect a following in other cities. We have high expectations for Kurimi, and we believe it will do very well in key cities),” he said.

In 2019, 64 locations around the country were added to the Kurimi brand. Cuna elaborated by saying that the 2D designs of the stores’ interiors all tell different stories.

The Puerto Princesa branch is based on the characters from the anime series “Kaguyama: Love is War”, which Lim’s children like watching.

“Bukod sa it’s a Japanese one, siguro isang added factor (na kakaiba sa Kurimi) ay itong 2D look, ambiance na para kang pumapasok sa isang book (Aside from it being a Japanese one, perhaps an added factor (that sets Kurimi apart) is its 2D look and ambiance that makes you feel like you’re stepping into a book),” he said.

“Parang ibang mundo (It’s like a different world),” he added.

Kurimi also wants to open a branch in El Nido, or in a southern town, to spread the experience of dreamy and creamy milk tea to all Palaweños and guests.

It is located behind the Grande Vista Hotel, along Palanca Road. It is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. For inquiries and further details, check their Facebook page, Kurimi Milk Tea Bar クリーミー Puerto Princesa.