Photo from Embassy of Republic of Korea to the Philippines

The Korean Coast Guard (KCG) has assisted the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in responding to the oil spill.

In addition to sending technical experts, the Korean government promised to send oil spills response equipment, such as 20 tons of sorbet pads and snares, 1,000 meters of solid flotation curtain boom, and 2,000 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE).

In a statement, the embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Philippines said this is the first time they will be providing assistance to prevent marine pollution.

“Korea highly values the importance of restoring areas affected by environmental disasters and accidents,” the embassy underscored.

Technical experts from the US are also in the area to help reduce the effects of the oil spill on the marine ecosystem and local communities. The owners of the tanker that ran into trouble hired Japanese salvage workers.