Summer is already halfway through, yet the days only seem to get hotter and hotter. If you are looking for another way to beat the summer heat and make life at home more refreshing, then investing in cooling appliances is something you should consider!

SM Supermalls stands ready to equip your home with the right appliances to make summer indoor living a delightful experience for you and your family. Discover exceptional cooling innovations that you can order this summertime from an SM mall near you!

1. Hitachi Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioner
Installing an air conditioning system is the best way to equip your home for the hot summer days ahead. More importantly, investing in a home air conditioner like the Inverter Royal Split-Type AC from Hitachi is a smart and practical decision that allows you to maintain optimal indoor temperature throughout the year. This air conditioning unit is a high-performing, yet energy-efficient equipment that can improve the air quality of any room of your home instantly. It automatically adjusts its performance depending on the temperature of the room. What’s more, it uses a sensor technology that follows your movement, so it sends the breeze to your direction wherever you may be. You may order this unit from SM Appliance at SM Supermalls.

2. TCL Portable Air Conditioner
Don’t you just love the idea of having a centralized air conditioning system at home? But with this Portable Air Conditioner from TCL, you don’t need such an expensive investment to make your home cool and comfortable this summer. Offering the cooling power of an air conditioner and the portability of your beloved fan, this device truly packs a punch! Get yours today and bring the cool breeze whichever room of your house you go. This power-saving wonder is available at SM Appliance at SM Supermalls.

3. Union Air Cooler
Does your studio unit feel like a desert every afternoon? Perhaps nighttime also feels like day with the unbearable heat? With this Air Cooler from Union, you can cool down your place any time of the day. This air cooling equipment can freshen up small spaces quickly. It also has a remote controller and a time-setting function for the ultimate user convenience. To own this unit, contact Ace Hardware at SM Supermalls. The hardware store offers a Call-and-Collect program this quarantine period and you may hire a courier to pick up your air cooler at an SM mall near you.

4. Asahi Desk Fan
There is always a use for another electric fan at home, especially during the summer! If you are thinking of buying a new fan, consider this Desk Fan from Asahi. Its body and blades are made with quality plastic, so you can expect the fan to be both lightweights, easy to clean, and durable. Best of all, it comes at an affordable price! Call Ace Hardware at SM Supermalls today and get yourself a new desk fan.

5. Panasonic Two-Door Refrigerator
This summertime, stock up on all your favorite cold beverages and frozen treats! You can keep them chill with this Two-Door Refrigerator from Panasonic until it’s time for some frozen indulgence. It has a spacious top-mount freezer where you can store ice cream, fresh meat, and other goods and a body with enough room to accommodate various types of fresh produce, beverage, and food items. You may order this energy-efficient, premium refrigerator from SM Appliance at SM Supermalls.

6. Iwata Multi-Blender and Ice Crusher
You don’t need to call your go-to café to get beverages delivered. With this Multi-Blender and Ice Crusher from Iwata, you can indulge in healthy homemade thirst-quenchers by simply getting creative with fruits, veggies, and other ingredients in your kitchen! Available at SM Appliance at SM Supermalls, this blender boasts a multi-level crushing power that allows for a variety of kitchen creations. From your favorite fruit smoothies and the classic to mais con yelo to vegetable puree, you can do it all with this blending wonder!