A farmer spotted two juvenile saltwater crocodiles Saturday afternoon in a small river near the land he is cultivating in Sitio Sapit, Barangay Poblacion 6 in Balabac.

Cristy Da Dora, who shared the video with Palawan News, said her husband saw that one was about 4 feet long with its tail sticking out of the water beneath dense grasses near the river bank.

Although it is common to see a saltwater crocodile in their village, she claims that it still causes fear among residents, especially after flooding because that is when they emerge from their natural habitat.

“Dalawa po yan magkahiwalay lang ng kaunti–yong isa lang nakuhanan ng video, marami yan dito lalo na kung bumabaha pag humupa ang tubig kadalasan diyan sila lumalabas,” said Da Dora.

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