One of the locals in Napsan undergo free medical checkup through JCI Puerto Princesa Kiao. | Photo from Francesca Abueg

JCI Puerto Princesa Kiao provided health assistance to 223 residents of Barangay Napsan through a medical and dental mission, which also aimed to raise their awareness about good health.

President Francesa Abueg stated that there is a need to teach rural residents, particularly children, proper hand washing and toothbrushing techniques.

The activity is part of the organization’s annual medical and dental mission, which prioritizes good health.

“The people we helped are from different tribes who didn’t have this opportunity. That’s why we really pushed this project to happen,” she said.

JCI Puerto Princesa Kiao and other partners for documentation of the activity in Barangay Napsan.| Photo from Francesca Abueg

The “Bida ang Kalusugan at Tulong Pang-Hanapbuhay” activity on February 26 also included dengue information dissemination and medicine distribution. Residents can also get tooth extractions and medical consultations.

The barangay was chosen by the organization’s partner, Helping Hands Group, who mentioned the need to strengthen health care in areas where some locals also live in the mountain.

Aside from medical assistance, locals were given a livelihood training in rug-making to help them venture into opportunities where they could earn extra kn

“The other goal of this project is for that individual to be fully equipped and aware of the things that will help them live and enjoy their life,” she said.