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A brawling incident between a medical chief and a newly-transferred jail officer at the Iwahig Corrections Facility (ICF) has set off controversies within the place considered “prison without walls”, escalating into the former’s reassignment to Davao.

Levi Evangelista, information officer and corrections technical officer II of the ICF, confirmed Thursday that Iwahig has no medical officer at the moment, pointing out that they “believe on the positive side” of the reassignment order issued by Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) director general Gerald Bantag against corrections technical senior superintendent Dr. Amador Perez Jr.

Perez got into a heated argument which resulted in an alleged brawling incident last Friday, January 31, with Jail Officer I Jayferson Bon-as, an officer from Manila hand-picked by Bantag to be assigned at the ICF as part of his “monitoring representatives”.

Evangelista said that the incident is still under investigation. However, the reassignment order was already issued by Bantag on Saturday, a day after the reported incident.

In a copy of the medico-legal obtained by Palawan News, Perez sustained a “slight tenderness on the right upper quadrant of the abdomen”, following the brawling incident.

Perez contended that he civilly approached Bon-as “as a person” to remind him of the existing order about “on-call duty status” of the medical personnel, which the latter allegedly blatantly disrespected based on “[Bon-as] slouching in his chair with both feet on top of the table wearing civilian attire”.

Bon-as denied Perez’s allegation and insisted that Perez entered his office without knocking and angrily shouted at him “insisting in an argumentative tone”.

An administrative case was filed by Perez against Bon-as for assault with physical injuries and disrespect and misconduct of a civil service servant.

A similar incident was also reported against the personnel under Bon-as team in December 2019.


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