BOAC, Marinduque–Island Innovation, a creative agency for islands and archipelagos, will host the “Island Finance Forum 2023” online from April 18-20 featuring content tracks on risk and finance, climate finance, renewable energy finance, blue economy, FinTech, and innovation, including start-up ecosystems.

On the first day, five sessions will be held, starting with an opening led by Bermuda Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban, Saint Kits and Nevis’ Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Denzil Douglas, and Kevin Cambridge, one of the major sponsoring partners from the Bahamas. This will be followed by a networking session for islanders and others seeking discussion partners from the region and around the world.

The following day will focus on financing renewable energy transitions in islands out of the blue, along with interesting topics on blue economy and conservation finance. The second day will cover the green economy, with a closing networking session similar to the first day. On the final day, discussions will center on weather hazards, public debt, and the green and blue economy. The event will culminate in a highly anticipated session on the “blue economy solutions showcase” and “digital innovation & FinTech for Climate Action”.

Dr. Randy Nobleza, the Island Innovation Ambassador and Academic Council Representative, will represent Marinduque at the event. He has already worked with civil society organizations and key local government officials to mainstream the “Rights of Nature and orange economy” as an alternative to mining or any extractive industries in the province.

According to him, “Marinduque State College’s College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) has become a Founding Member of Island Innovation’s newest venture, the Island Innovation Academic Council. Membership is open to academic institutions that facilitate studies centered around topics of particular relevance to islands, such as sustainability, the Blue Economy, as well as the culture, economy, biodiversity and environment of island territories all over the world.”

The Marinduque State College stated, “One of the main goals of The Academic Council is to establish a greater academic focus on island communities by utilizing islands’ social, economic and cultural realities as the context for exploring these topics. This will provide the opportunity for members to disseminate their research to a wider audience, and maximize the impact of this to future innovators. An added benefit is the facilitation of an enhanced level of engagement between multiple stakeholders, such as researchers, NGOs, and policy makers.”

The Island Innovation Ambassador has undergone a series of trainings since February 2023, covering sustainable development, climate finance, and how to be an impactful ambassador changemaker. Until December, Island Innovation will hold a Virtual Island Summit and a local version for each island, such as Marinduque.