A TikTok video featuring a Manila-based makeup artist (MUA) went viral on social media as she responded to a comment stating that her bridal makeup services are overpriced.

In the video, the MUA showcased her collection of high-end makeup products, implying that these were the reason for her expensive services.

The video has since received mixed reactions from ordinary people and influencers within and outside of the beauty industry.

Is P40,000 an expensive price point?

Local makeup artist Jason Aranguez believes it is, but it’s not surprising. For half or even a quarter of that price, he can already provide makeup services for the bride, the mothers of the bride and groom, and seven bridesmaids. However, according to him, there are other factors to consider when pricing makeup services.

“If your products are expensive, then your rates will be high. But some products aren’t as expensive, but they have good quality. They can compete with high-end products,” he said.

“Price and makeup products are not the only factors. Makeup is an art, so the artist’s talent is also a consideration,” he added.

Influencer and makeup artist Rica Salomon also shared that a P40,000 bridal makeup is quite common as there is a market for it.

“It depends on how you brand yourself, your target market, and if you can attract that type of client. It depends on your business model. It is still a business,” she said.

However, Aranguez cautioned clients not to confuse price with quality. He said that it still comes down to what the client wants to achieve, especially on her wedding day.

“If you want beautiful makeup for your wedding, go to someone who is more experienced. If you want high-end makeup because you’re allergic to local products, go to someone who uses high-end products. It depends on the client. And for sure, there are plenty of options,” he said.

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