Filipinos love memes. Some even say we have a toxic culture where we meme everything and anything relevant.

The International State College of the Philippines (ISCP) is a satirical page created to appear as a parody of a university on the internet, becoming a meme amidst the return to face-to-face classes. Many netizens are joining in on the ISCP bandwagon as they pretend to be students of this “school”. However, it still begs the question: how did it suddenly pop up? Who is responsible for this massive meme? Where did this all come from?

The Trend, The Whole Trend, and Nothing But The Trend
The first posts about this page were spotted on the first week of August, 2022. Many were tricked into believing it was an actual school and actually started to check the page to see if it was legitimate, only to find out it was a meme. From there, this viral satire page had hundreds of thousands of Filipinos following its rising success.

The logo of ISCP. Source: International State College Of The Philippines

Netizens loved this meme, and it has gone incredibly viral. So-called students of the institution started changing their profile pictures with a frame that reads: “I Am An ISCPanian. ISCP also parodied major universities, such as La Salle with the Green Archer, ISCP has the Blue Barking Aspin. These “students” also call themselves such.

The reason ISCP is so successful as a meme is largely due to the fact that students, especially college-level ones, can relate to the almost legitimacy of the school itself. From DP blasts to offering courses, one can already say that the only thing keeping it from being real is the overwhelming amounts of sarcasm and satire used in its posts.

What gives ISCP away as a satire page is that it uses memes as background photos to advertise courses and degrees. These even have professional-looking advertisements that, if one is not careful, can be deceiving. These courses are sometimes also memes in themselves, such as BA in Psychology, Major in Gaslighting, which sounds like something your toxic boyfriend is currently getting his PhD in.

Many netizens even go so far as to have fake ID cards showing their enrolment in ISCP. The school was even given its own hymn by its loyal followers, which is literally just an orchestra version of Sun and Moon by Anees.

The ISCP also has sister groups and pages run by contributors and followers, such as the ISCP Supreme E-Youth Government and the International State College of the Philippines (E-Youth Council), which complement the main page. Some even created an official website for ISCP, which actually looks legit in a hilarious but scary way.

One of the meme courses offered by ISCP. Source: International State College Of The Philippines

ISCP also has fake campuses such as the Sun Campus, Moon Campus, Biringan Campus, and others. “Students” usually include in their profile frames what campus they are affiliated with, along with their major and course. Because of this meme’s popularity, people are creating local “campuses” and pages related to the main ISCP page.

Celebrities are usually (without their knowledge) depicted as alumni, professors, or students of ISCP. One such example is Kuya Kim Atienza: after being named as the Dean of the ISCP College of Education, he was wary and confused, saying he had no affiliation with the university. He later saw the whole picture and went along with the joke, pretending to greet students and give lectures.

The Big Daddy of ISCP
Even if it’s a hugely successful meme, this satirical school had to come from somewhere. With its witty and meticulously crafted satirical curriculum, ISCP didn’t just pop up out of thin air. In fact, it’s somebody’s hobby.

The International State College of the Philippines is the brainchild of a satirical content creator known as Niño Ged. Hailing from Cebu, this 18-year-old student is a self-proclaimed natural when it comes to creating satire, and ISCP is proof of that.

Niño Ged created ISCP out of his idea to satirize life as a college student, which he will soon experience as he takes up BS in Aeronautical Engineering.

The Founder of ISCP himself, in all his glory. Source: Niño Ged via Messenger app

“I created ISCP hastily. As you can see, the Latin phrases in the logo lack some letters.” Says Niño when asked if the International State College of the Philippines had been planned for a long time. He also stated that he is still exploring his options with ISCP, and he’ll see where it goes from this point.

Thanks to his efforts, he has singlehandedly created a community and a safe space for Filipinos to share our unique sense of humor, and to poke fun at the real world.

Niño has one message to the followers of ISCP: “I really appreciate the Aspins in ways that I am amazed by their talents and efforts on the ISCP.” As he shared in a Facebook post, the International State College of the Philippines started out as his little satire project, which then transformed into a massive contributor-based project for meme purposes.

The ISCP may not be a real school, but it did teach us that there is hope amidst all the chaos in the world. As Niño Ged said: “The International State College of the Philippines is so much more significant than I envisioned. It captured the wholeness of Filipino humor and left a mark on Philippine Pop Culture.”