The Palawan Provincial Board (PB) has approved a measure requesting the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar to install reflectorized road signs that indicate the allowable speed on national highways.

The request, which was made through the three engineering districts in Palawan, also includes the imposition of penalties against violators every 15 kilometers.

Board Member Cherry Pie Acosta said Tuesday that vehicular accidents often happen  on the national highways because of the absence of road warnings that can be easily seen by drivers.

Acosta said based on reports, most accidents are caused by driver errors and the absence of road signs.

In Palawan, the official speed limit on national highways is 80 kilometers per hour.

“The driver will be protected from danger and risk when the warning signs are put up. Necessary signs with information about penalty and fines should be on the national highway,” Acosta pointed out.

She cited Republic Act 4136 or the “Land Transportation and Traffic Code,” which requires persons driving any vehicle on the highway to drive carefully using prudent speed, not greater than nor less than what is reasonable and proper.

The law states that no person shall drive any vehicle, she said, on the national highway at a speed that will endanger the life, limbs and properties of any person, nor at a speed greater than will permit him/her to bring the vehicle to a stop within the assured clear distance ahead.

“Vehicle drivers are sometimes unaware of their speed which violates the prescribed speed limit due to time constraints and rush situation,” Acosta said.

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