Inmate escapes prison, Provincial Jail admits guard’s shortcoming

Palawan Provincial Jail (

Provincial Jail Warden Ramon Espina confirmed the escape of a 17 year old detainee, who is believed to have escaped through the very gate of the prison.

The successful escape of the unnamed offender who is reported to hail from Brooke’s Point and was detained for carnapping, was discovered at past 3 in the afternoon, while the jail guard was in the middle of a routine prison count.

“He escaped yesterday and this was noticed during the counting, around 3pm. We looked into all areas at the back of the prison and we found no trace of the prisoner. We think that it is possible that he exited through the gate,” Warden Espina confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Jail administration has coordinated with other authorities including their employees from Brooke’s Point and they have also sent critical information to Rescue 165 Brooke’s Point in efforts to reacquire the escaped inmate.

At past 12 noon of September 16, this communication was received by Rescue 165 with the help of the escaped inmate’s own parents who have also spoken with the authorities.

“We immediately coordinated with Brooke’s Point because the inmate is from there. We also reached out to his parents who have been very helpful and now he is successfully in the custody of our colleagues from Rescue 165. They were our partners in this effort,” said Espina.

Now the Provincial Jail is starting with investigations to find out more about how the inmate escaped, while the warden has given his assurance that the jail guards on duty when this happened shall be given their due sanctions.

Provincial Jail Warden Espina admits that the prisoner escaped due to a deficiency on the part of his work force.

Espina said, “I’m always accepting the command responsibility for such incidents, but I will always say that there is individual accountability. So if we are able to find out whether this was a matter of incompetence or if this was done on purpose… hopefully that is not the case but there is always a possibility that this is purely negligence.”

It can be recalled that very recently there was an incident wherein an inmate came close to escaping another Jail Guard, the former being escorted during hospital confinement. The inmate was reported to have asked for permission to use the comfort room, but this was averted before he could even exit the hospital.


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