Ever been in a job interview where your interviewer straight up tells you, “Di Ka Para Rito”? We hope not—but if you’ve been in a similar situation, you were probably left shocked and speechless. We know we definitely would be! 

So, imagine the look on our faces when we stumbled into one of many triggering “Di Ka Para Rito” social media posts from InLife—the country’s first and largest Filipino life insurance company—taking over our Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds. Why on earth was InLife suddenly being so “nega”?  

As curious as we were a bit ticked off, we set out to get to the bottom of the negativity.  

Set in striking gradient colors with bold texts in white, the “Di Ka Para Rito” ads were hard to miss, each accompanied by a text saying, “Tingnan natin kung para rito ka”. A click on the “Learn more” button led us to an assessment where we decide if we’re in (Para rito ako) or out (Di ako para rito). 

Di Ka Para Rito ads as seen on Facebook and Instagram 

Assessment Chatbot

Turns out, InLife’s effort to annoy us is actually a fun, attention-grabbing ploy to get more people to explore careers with InLife—and we’re here for the wit and cleverness! 

So how did people weigh in, you ask?  

Some were in on the “pun” 

While others fought back with optimism 

Little did we know they were also hyping us up for an in-your-face “Di Ka Para Rito” music video that dropped the following week.  

Laced with happy tunes and catchy hooks, the ‘Di Ka Para Rito’ music video definitely put things into perspective and left us not only “LSS-ed for days” but compelled enough to want to “#WinInLife”. 

When asked why take a risky and counterintuitive approach to recruitment, InLife’s Recruitment Head, Pipo Esporlas said, “By having a socially disruptive approach, we expected that we will be better heard.”  

“InLife at its core is truly Filipino, and we wanted to make sure that our campaign showcases the boldness of the Filipino in speaking up and keeping it real. By putting front and center unfiltered commentaries, we’re able to show the realities of our mindsets and attitudes towards work and life, and effectively capture and appeal to those who see their mindsets aligned with an InLife Financial Advisor’s winning perspective and approach in life.” 

Anchored on memorable hooks like “Puro trabaho lang, pamilya’y pano na? Di ka para rito”, the catchy jingle became a hit—reaching up to 1.6 million views, and InLife getting thousands of interested potential financial advisors who, as InLifers would put it, are ready to #WinInLife.  

Pipo also shared, “I’m excited to see a new breed of InLife Financial Advisors take on the challenge of pursuing a career filled with purpose especially in these unprecedented times. As a career, it is both financially rewarding and truly fulfilling because you get to make a difference in your fellow Filipinos’ lives while you make a difference in yours too – it really is the best of both worlds.”  

Visit pararitoinlife.com to find out how you can live a winning life with InLife! 

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