Infrastructure projects in Palawan gets boost from arrival of more heavy equipment

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY (PNA) – Infrastructure projects in Palawan got another boost recently with the arrival of 78 brand new light and heavy equipment facilities purchased by the provincial government.

Provincial Information Officer Gil Acosta said Monday that the light and heavy equipment facilities were delivered on February 19 by a cargo vessel that directly came from China.

The first batch of 66 heavy equipment arrived in this city on January 6 from Japan, followed by the second with 69 on January 18, and the third with 50 on January 31 from Manila.

The fourth batch, he said, was composed of 18 units of 14T angle dozer for road openings; 23 units of 14T straight dozer for road widening; 10 units of 14T low ground pressure dozer that is perfect road support during the rainy season; and 27 units of 9.5T 6-way dozer for road maintenance and finishing.

Acosta said they expect that in March, 59 units of light-heavy equipment will arrive as fifth batch that will come from Brazil. This will be composed of trucks, graders and compactors.

The last batch of 20 compactors and graders is also expected to arrive before March ends to complete the 341 requirement of the provincial government for infrastructure development.

The last batch will come from India, said Acosta. All light and heavy equipment, he added, will be used too, as part of the disaster preparation and management of the province during times of calamities.

In Palawan, Acosta said road projects are being sped up to provide residents access to be able to bring their products to the center of trade and commerce in their towns.

Infrastructure development is a priority in the IHELP development agenda of Governor Jose Alvarez for economic growth.

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