Indie artist Ian Penn’s ‘The Sleepy Eyes Tour’ visits Puerto Princesa

Penn mesmerizing his fans through his soulful music and heartfelt poetry. (Credits: JL Gaddi)

Filipino indie music singer and songwriter Ian Penn was in Puerto Princesa City earlier this month for the fourth leg of his nationwide “The Sleepy Eyes Tour” to promote his poetry chapbook “What Happens to a Dream? Volume 1.”

Penn, who hails from the indolent basaltic volcano land of Mt. Arayat in Luzon, was in the city for the first time to promote his intriguing and interesting literary work on October 13 at the Marina de Bay Resort and Spa in Purok Sandiwa, Barangay Tiniguiban.

“The Sleepy Eyes  Tour” was organized for him by JL Gaddi, one of the many Palaweños who is enamored by Penn and the independently profound music genre he performs.

Penn said “What Happens to a Dream? Volume 1” is his creative take about his tours — all the people he met on the road, his figment of imaginations, the good and the bad, and the wild things that ran so fast.

“I wrote a poetry book after the first tour that we did, which was an intense tour. Kasi three months, 100 days and 30 shows. I was just so inspired with all the people we’ve met on the road, along with those beautiful experiences; good, bad and wild, all melted into one,” Penn said.

The musician who is known too, for his signature black hat and shades, said indie music is one of the best musical trends of all time. It reminds him of the great times and gives him flashbacks of memories about life as time passes.

He said this is the reason why he aims to inspire people of all ages to appreciate music that creates and builds sentimental longings or wistful affection for the past.

“Puerto Princesa is one of those places where I want to bring my music to inspire people to always take a look back at the past because it holds great memories. This city was one of the first to invite us to perform, and grabbing that opportunity was not a regret,” said Penn, who was surprised to learn that he has a lot of fans in Palawan.

He said his tour is named “The Sleepy Eyes” not because of its somnolent nuances but because of awakening after being lost in thoughts or staring into space.

“Instead of taking a rest after the tour, I feel like I just had to write about it and the experiences it gave me and move along again,” he said.

At Marina de Bay Resort and Spa, Penn treated his audience to a night of pure talent and setlist that speaks of the mind being in an absolute state of freedom from strong emotions.

Among Penn’s hit singles is “Water from the Creek,” which was used as the official soundtrack (OST) of the 2018 film “So Connected” starring Janella Salvador.

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