The immigration bureau has issued a warning to foreign nationals in the country not to trust the fictitious operations order spreading on social media to check if they are overstaying their visas and working illegally.

The commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Norman Tansingco, stated in an advisory on Tuesday that his office did not issue the operations order labeled “checking overstaying and illegal employment in various entertainment places.”

“No such order has been issued by the BI,” said Tansingco.

According to the fraudulent order, immigration officers are supposed to be inspecting various entertainment venues in Manila, such as bars, KTVs, music houses, golf clubs, bowling alleys, internet cafes, amusement parks, casinos, hotels, guest houses, and restaurants, in order to look for illegal aliens.

“Our operatives are not authorized to randomly inspect establishments, but instead are required to secure a mission order to conduct an arrest. A mission order is only issued upon thorough investigation and confirmation that the subject foreign national has indeed violated immigration laws,” he added.

Tansingco is under the impression that criminal syndicates are taking advantage of the fake order to con foreign nationals who are currently residing in the country.

Any such incident, he said, should be reported right away to the neighborhood police.

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