Illegal fishers nabbed in Balabac

Two illegal fishermen were caught around 12:30PM Wednesday at the vicinity waters of Sitio Marabon, Barangay Bancalaan, Balabac, Palawan.

Police reports identified the suspects as Kadil Erap Ammi, 20 years old and Kadil Ammi Saib, 48 years old both residents of the said place.

Investigation disclosed that personnel of Balabac police station and Philippine Coast Guard were conducting a seaborne patrol operation in the seawaters of Sitio Marabon. During the patrol operation, authorities intercepted one motorized banca conducting illegal fishing with the use of compressor as breathing apparatus.

Confiscated from the illegal fishermen were three bottles of suspected ammonium nitrate, one plastic bottle filled with liquid believed to be a mixed with sodium cyanide, two pieces of blasting cap with attached 2.5 inches safety fuse, one compressor tank, one compressor engine, forty meters of compressor hose and sixty kilos of fish.


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