The Holy Trinity University in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, has been selected for a new college and research center to study ancient Palawan man (Tabonology).


American researcher Dr. Robert B. Fox started research on ancient Palawan 60 years ago when he led a team that removed roughly 1,500 burial jars from Tabon Caves in the town of Quezon, Palawan where a Tabon man skull-cap was dated at roughly 48,000 BCE.


However, when he passed away nearly all research stopped.


In 2013, another American researcher Philip Maise explored the coastlines of Palawan and remote Islands using his private sailboat.


He located a large monumental sculpture, open burial chambers, and artwork and also found additional artwork, and sealed chambers, in Tabon Caves.


Owing to current high ocean levels, it appears the sculpture was made when seas were much lower.


Maise named the sculpture The Great Sphinx of Palawan and believes it is older than the one in Giza.


To restart research, Maise decided it would be best to build a college of Tabonology.


He is also sponsoring an art contest for artists to recreate images he found.


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