VALENTINE’S DAY is fast approaching… as of this writing, it’s hardly a week before couples couple together and singles, well…. single alone.

For whatever reason an individual is single – whether NBSB/NGSB (No Boyfriend/Girlfriend Since Birth), in an LDR (Long Distance Relationship), without a prospective love life or simply chose to be single – there is no reason not to enjoy Valentine’s Day, especially here in the city of beautiful beaches and Instagrammable places.

Here are some ideas single people can do together (barkada day) or nag-iisa (on their lonesome).

1. Kasalang Bayan – here in Puerto Princesa, the city government will hold a kasalang bayan (mass wedding) to coincide with the “Love Affair with Nature” in Sitio Tagbarungis, Barangay Inagawan Subcolony on February 14. Why not commune with nature by planting more mangroves as well as continue to believe in love by witnessing a hundred couples marry each other. If you’re in the mood to do this, you might as well wear floral shirts or dress!

2. Valentine is no reason to stress eat — alone! Get your barkada or office mates to join you and crash a love-themed resto for a sumptuous lunch or dinner, a videoke perhaps or inuman lang! Of course, do not be so drunk to let loose your locked emotions or you’ll regret that for the rest of your life. Make kwento of your funny and embarrassing love stories (or your friends’ if you’re a NBSB) and laugh your hearts out celebrating the fact that you’re single. Because really, being single has benefits. But that’s another story.


3. Get your puppy love and parade him/her outside! And I mean this literally! Make pasyal with your pet dogs; bring them to the park, bay walk, and nearby beaches or anywhere.  This way, you will spend your time wisely with your fur babies. They will appreciate you even more for spending time with them, I swear!  Just don’t forget to clean up when your pet loves do their “business” (you know what I mean) on the streets, puhleassseee!!

4. Take your parents for a date. What’s lovelier and romantic than being the third wheel in your parents’ Valentine’s date?  When dessert is about to be served, excuse yourself and give them privacy. Or let them pay for your order [insert: evil grin]. If your parent is single again, then be the date he/she deserves. Let them enjoy being exclusively dined and treated romantically again. A bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates for Mother dear will be much appreciated (unless she is diabetic), or a not-so-expensive men’s cologne or whatever you can afford that Father dear will fancy.

5. Speaking of families, go out with your single siblings too. Whether you’re older or younger, just take time to bond with your sibling, even if it’s just spending time at the beach, mountain climbing or just hiking. Or simply cook at home and watch Netflix or play video games. Whatever your trip is. Go ahead and spend it with a sibling. Sorry na lang if you’re an only child!

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples or those in romantic relationships. It can be a fruitful day too for people who chose to be single or are just single for the moment.  You don’t need to be bitter for those who will celebrate it with someone special or be jealous of your friend who is never single and is always in a relationship. It can be a special day to spend with the ones we love, albeit not only romantically, but people we cherish in our lives.

LOVE, after all, is EVERY DAY.  But we get an excuse to celebrate it more festive during the Heart’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s, dear readers!


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