(Photo courtesy of Hotel Fleuris)

Hotel Fleuris, one of Puerto Princesa City’s top-notch establishments providing travel and tour services, celebrated its annual “Fleuris de Mayo” on Friday in honor of the flowers of May; and to introduce 12 Asian fusion cuisines to loyal customers and guests.

Sarah Monzon-Po said that the 20-year old tradition which started in 2000 is a festival to mainly thank their employees for their good service to Hotel Fleuris that continuously keeps it at the forefront of the tourism industry not only in the city but in Palawan.

“Our Fleuris de Mayo is a celebration of giving thanks to all our employees who have worked hard with us through the years. It’s also to express our heartfelt gratitude to the residents of the city and the province who keep us on their tabs whenever they celebrate personal or family occasions,” Po said.

The Fleuris de Mayo also paved way to the hotel’s Asian fusion cuisine dinner buffet which Po said will now be twice a month with acoustic and other musical performance to entertain diners.

Girls wearing flower crowns from Hotel Fleuris own garden. (Photo courtesy of Hotel Fleuris)

At P499 per person, Hotel Fleuris’ twice-a-month dinner buffet will offer the following delicious Asian fusion dishes.

1. MISO SOUP – Have your meals with this simple and savory Japanese soup with dashi, a stock made from fish and kelp. Miso is a good source of vitamins B, E, K, and folic acid, and is therefore considered good for staying healthy, happy, and vibrant.

2. SUSHI, SASHIMI, AND MAKI – Vinegared rice, thinly sliced raw fish meat, and layers of fish, veggies, and rice wrapped in seaweed will be among the Asian fusion cuisines that the hotel will serve to its guests. These three hand-made Japanese dishes are best for the body since they are sources of omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart.

3. EBI TEMPURA – This mid-16th-century batter-fried shrimp recipe is a favorite among customers of Hotel Fleuris for its crunchy flour coating that makes a pleasant sharp noise and leaves a succulent taste in the mouth when dipped in a special sauce and eaten with a good bowl of Sukiyaki.

4. KAKIAGE TEMPURA – Another batter-fried Japanese favorite is this thinly sliced vegetable dish that is healthy for the body and can be served in many ways. Served over a bowl of steamed rice, Kakiage Tempura makes for a perfect meal.

Vinegared rice, thinly sliced raw fish meat, and layers of fish, veggies, and rice wrapped in seaweed will be among the Asian fusion cuisines that the hotel will serve to its guests. (Photo courtesy of Hotel Fleuris)

5. CURRY DISHES – Yes, Hotel Fleuris’ Asian fusion dinner buffet also features curried dishes from the Indian subcontinent.

6. THAI SPRING ROLLS – Who wouldn’t love this great appetizer made with spiced ground pork and vegetables wrapped up and deep-fried in oil for crunchy consistency? This dish is rich with lovely flavors and is perfect as a light entree for any meal.

7. KOREAN JAP CHAE OR CHAP CHAE – This glass noodle Korean classic dish has sweet and savory goodness that will certainly fill you up when you’re hungry. It’s a full meal packed with vegetables and made interesting by their bright colors.

8. KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN WITH RICE – Korea is big on the way they cooked their fried chicken as a main meal, an appetizer, or an after-meal snack. Fried twice, the skin becomes crunchy and less oily.

9. KIMCHI – Loaded with vitamins A, B, and C, this Can’t-do-without Korean traditional side dish has lactobacilli that are found in fermented food. Considered to be one of the healthiest food in the world, Hotel Fleuris offers you this fermented dish to help with your digestion.

10. SWEET AND SOUR PORK – This mouthwatering sweet and sour pork tenderloin dish is a favorite because of the sensation of flavors it makes in the mouth.

11. KARE-KARE – This popular Filipino stew with lots and lots of vegetables makes for a perfect meal with its peanut sauce, bagoong paste, and steamed rice. Hotel Fleuris offers this dish as comfort food for diners out there who have less time to cook considering its stringent preparations.

12. TEMPURA ICE CREAM – Ever had your ice cream coated in a sweet batter and deep-fried? If you haven’t, head to Hotel Fleuris and have your breaded scoop of ice cream with a crispy shell. Indulge!

“We’re offering our buffet, we call it Asian fusion where we will serve different dishes from Asia. We have Thai dishes, Korean, Japanese, Filipino and Chinese. Yong mga known dishes in these countries, we will offer them already,” Po said.

Po said that the introduction of the new dishes is a part of the improvement of their services.

“This is our first time to offer an Asian fusion buffet because we usually offer Japanese food lang kaya lang kasi the locals, they use to eat that na. Although they like our Japanese kasi we really buy authentic ingredients, [this is also] for a change. So that the locals will try different dishes naman in one buffet,” Po added.

Hotel Fleuris has 47 rooms which include 39 deluxe and two connecting rooms.