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Senator Risa Hontiveros has asked Malacañang to help with the immediate recall of Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian, in response to the envoy’s statement that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Taiwan will be at risk if the Philippines supports Taiwanese independence.

In a statement, Hontiveros called Huang’s statement as “disgraceful” asking him to leave the country and bring their ships and artificial islands out of the West Philippines Sea (WPS) in the country’s territory. 

“Our OFWs in Taiwan will continue to work where they work. End of story. Filipinos will thrive and make a living according to our wishes. We will never let Beijing decide on the future of Filipino families. Their destiny is not in China’s hands,” said Senator Hontiveros.

The senator also urged the Philippine government to recall the Chinese ambassador, arguing that he had no business being a diplomat if he could not interact with the Philippines with respect and dignity.

“The Palace should tell Beijing to recall their representative in Manila as soon as possible. He has no business being a diplomat if he is unable to engage with us in a respectful and dignified manner, she added. “He, along with his country’s ships and artificial islands in the West Philippine Sea, should pack up and leave.”

Hontiveros stated further that the Philippines will never meddle in the Taiwanese independence issue as this is solely the responsibility of the citizens of Taiwan.

She stated that if China has issues with the United States, it should not involve the Philippines in its dispute.

“It is China who has been stoking tensions in the region, claiming territories that aren’t hers. It is China who continues to bully, harass, and intimidate other smaller nations in the region. It is China who is making all this mess,” she said.

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