Photo from Fr. Glenn Binasahan Parco

Inmates at the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm (IPPF) have resumed traditional activities inside the penal facility in observance of Holy Week.

The reading of the passion, participation in the liturgical celebration of mass, confession of sins, and walking barefoot for the penitential crucifixion have returned this year inside the penal prison.

Prison chaplain Fr. Glenn Parco said that more PDLs were able to participate compared to last year due to the lifting of restrictions on the conduct of spiritual activities. PDLs remain active in their devotions despite being incarcerated, he added.

“Nadarama ng ating mga PDL na kasama nila si Hesus, karamay nila si Hesus, ang Poong Nazareno, sa pagpasan ng krus sa kanilang buhay habang sila’y nagnanais na magbagong-buhay dito sa bilangguan,” he said.

Fr. Parco also noted the support of the prison management in the conduct of spiritual activities involving persons deprived of liberty, or PDLs.

Information officer CTO II Levi Evangelista said it is also important for the PDLs to reform while they are serving their prison sentences.

Religion and faith contribute as big factors in the reformation of a person, and the management is supportive of this aspect, Evangelista added.

“Ang mga PDL ay nagkaroon din ng debosyon or prayer anuman ang relihiyon na kanilang kinabibilangan. Muli natin ibinabalik ang ganitong paggunita makalipas ang panahon ng pandemya at mabigyan ng kahalagahan ang pananampalataya bagamat nasa loob ng piitan,” Evangelista said.

The PDLs inside the Inagawan sub-colony joined in carrying the cross during Good Friday.

Meanwhile, the IPPF remains on red alert status for the entire holy week and expects a large number of visitors particularly on Easter Sunday.

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