The provincial board has asked the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) to conduct its next licensure exam for agriculturists in Puerto Princesa City, to ease the financial and logistical requirements of Palaweños.

Board Member Maria Angela Sabando said in her approved resolution on Tuesday that graduates of agriculture in Palawan have to go to Luzon and other PRC testing centers outside the province to take licensure examination which requires an effort and financial constraints.

The request has been addressed to PRC through Chairman Fortunato Battad.

“Most of the graduates of agriculture courses in Palawan come from the poor families who are resolute to help their families and communities modernize the practice of agriculture in their hometowns,” Sabando said.

Sabando said that the government must encourage the youth to take agriculture courses to improve the level of the competency of the province agriculture sector by making it more little inexpensive to them to take the licensure examination required in their profession.

PRC has postponed the examination scheduled in September this year due to the restrictions being imposed brought by the pandemic.