High school? Hi, School!

As soon as I removed that graduation toga and stepped inside the room, I knew that I was busted. Why? Well, it was because I am now known as a “high school” student. From that day on, I felt like transporting to the next chapter of my life; the part in my education lifestyle to be a mature young lady.

My expectations of entering high school

First off, everyone starts with the cliche “first impressions” of the student. My first impression? It’s a bit similar to the reality of what actually happened. It was that high school would mean: new teachers, additional subjects, new friends and interests, or back at it again with the chaos. Sure, I did expect harder lessons, but the mind-boggling lectures were less hard than I thought. Maybe I just really improved my listening skills.

When I found out that I wasn’t going to be classmates with my former friends, I got nervous, since I didn’t know whom to chat or eat lunch with. Not to mention that I became lonelier since I was really left out. But then I made new friends, and I am currently in a new squad.

Second, it was the rumbling things that boggle my mind and tummy. We were the freshmen and newbies of high school! We could never win against our seniors who are like, already in level 9000. Even though we had some victorious moments, we still felt insignificant. To be honest, joining competitions with seniors is a pretty good boost for self-esteem and at the same time, learning to be humble and pessimistic.

A fresh start

For all the “newbies” of high school, here’s a little advice. Don’t be expecting negative outcomes, because, in high school, there will be some. But you have to show optimism. For a former Perseverance student like me, we always cheer our section. I may not master this myself, but please! Sleep early, to prevent eye bags on your precious face. Even if I try my best to sleep early and eat right, I cannot do that most of the time because of projects, assignments, quizzes, and others. And that is why you should also use time management; because in high school, your hands will be full every day.

Despite all the hardships, remember that you’ve been in elementary for six years, and you’ll be in high school as only four (but if Grade 11-12 is counted in, oh dear)… But, Just let that sink in!

If you conquered six years of chaos, you can also conquer years of stress! And then senior high comes around…

There’s no need to worry! For my first days of high school, I was free as a butterfly, but then the frogs came and consumed me. Oops. In my case, when I was consumed by the stress and dilemmas, I just tried finding the motivation to get myself out by watching relaxing things and listening to music in my free time. But it would “really” help if you eat nutritious and brain energizing food.

In high school, putting effort into something can increase the likelihood of higher grades, and points come from participation. Try being attentive and be participative when it comes to tasks, group works, or competition since you would really gain extra-curricular points if you want. Just live the life and go for the gold.

Join clubs! I joined clubs, and these really widened my knowledge, interests, and understandings. Remember to widen your creativity, since these are priorities when it comes to criteria for high school PTs.

The most important thing you have to do and remember is to have fun (but the fun I mean is learning “fun.”  Don’t put too much fun over studies.). Find some motivations and friends to help you along the ways and paths of struggle, because it really helps. Performance tasks can be entertaining and time-consuming in a good way, instead of lying in bed at home and doing nothing productive. If you work hard, it will affect your future attitude too and make you reflect on it. High school may be the hardest, but it will be the most memorable!

Because someday, you’ll remember being a freshman in high school. And one day, as a senior, you may be able to help the high school newbies.

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