The last two quarters of last year gave my husband and me a different kind of roller-coaster ride, making 2022 yet another unforgettable year of our lives.

Since the pandemic hit, we have been dealing each year with a unique challenge, but we always managed to emerge victorious in the end. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as they say.

In 2020, for instance, I lost the chance to be a mother to our second child, strengthening my mental and emotional fortitude. In 2021, my husband and I both contracted the COVID-19 virus, giving him his “second life,” so to speak.

Last year was perhaps the most daring one. He resigned from his job, which the majority of people are clinging to despite mental and emotional strains from the pandemic, and ventured into something that others are afraid of: online investing.

The first few months were rough, but after learning the ropes of his new venture, everything came in his favor. Human as he is, he made a much bolder decision—playing the “high risk, high reward” game.

Being in the academe, I seldom, or perhaps never, heard of or fully understood that concept. So when asked if he could apply this principle to what he was venturing into, I gave a nod without any verbal acrobatics.

We know that taking risks is the only way for us to generate new opportunities that lead to where we want to be. If we are brave enough to take risks in uncharted territory, we are in the right mindset and already at an advantage. After all, unless we try to take risks and stumble, how will we know whether something is working or not?

The future is always uncertain. No matter how good we are at reading signs or analyzing numbers, the world is still unpredictable. No matter how we calculate the risks, there is always a blind spot ahead of us. But uncertainties should not stop us from moving forward. We will always be standing on the same ground and will never be conquering new territories, just to paraphrase some old caveats.

As for my husband, he gave us the best moments of our lives, but we also tasted the worst of his high-risk, high-reward mindset as 2022 ended. There are still glitches that he is dealing with every day, but he’s enjoying and not forgetting every lesson he learns from his miscalculations.

As long as you are ready for the tradeoffs, go where you must. Being in your comfort zone is costly. It also costs a fortune. There is no development or growth if there are no risks involved, as they say.

Robert Kiyosaki aptly puts it: “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream, and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

2023 is a new year to start fresh. Go where your heart must go! Be brave. Be bold. Begin a new journey! Believe in yourself—it’s all worth the risk.

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