Hec Encarnacion, homegrown artist, to release new album

Palawan-based singer and songwriter Hec Encarnacion is scheduled to release his new album, entitled Doctor Lab, on February 19.

Palawan-based singer and songwriter Hector “Hec” Encarnacion is scheduled to release his new album, entitled Dr. Lab, on February 19. It is a compilation of the homegrown artist’s original music that touches on the spectrum of love, friendship, understanding, and patriotism.

Hec developed an interest in songwriting at 15, but had to keep still his musical ambition of making it as a career, only because he was busy in school studying. But he knew then that it is his mission to share his talent, as not everyone is given a musical gift most people covet to possess.

“I was a closet writer for a long time. Pero nagsusulat ako,” he said.

Music became his sanctuary to confront head on the hardest of life’s challenges. He also channeled through music his thoughts and observations.

In 2005, he had to forego the release of his album because of her mother’s death. He also had to go back to the States to finish his college education. But all of these did not mean the end of his musical dreams.

Hec said his personal friendship with other established musicians including Andrew E. and Elly Buendia inspired him to hone his musical craft.

This year, he has something to offer for the people of all ages, with the release of his self-produced album, Dr. Lab.

Dr. Lab, is a compilation of all the music he composed since he was a teenager.

“Naipon iyang mga kanta na iyan,” he said. :Makakarelate mga millennials. Lalo na iyong mga love songs and hardships in life. Meron ding love won and love lost”.

While Dr. Lab belongs to the folk-rock genre, it is not punishing to the ear.

“Hindi siya maingay. Pakinggan lang ang maingay sa album. Iyong daing ng bayan … may content din na kahit anong mangyari, laban!”

Hec is aware that releasing an album in these times is a big financial risk, “but better to try than not to try at all.”

Dr. Lab carries eight original compositions with one bonus track, which he wrote for President Duterte during the presidential campaign in 2016.

It can be found on SoundCloud.com, Youtube, and Facebook using the search word Wadahec.

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