A heated argument occurred earlier this morning, July 9, among three residents of Purok Uha, Barangay Tiniguiban, which escalated into a physical altercation involving the use of a steel pipe and stabbing.

An initial report released by the Puerto Princesa City Police Office (PPCPO) through Police Captain Maria Victoria Iquin stated that the individuals involved in the incident were Jessie Vicente, a construction worker, his son Jay Henry Vicente, and a driver named Jameson Tolete.

Jameson, in his statement to the police investigators, recounted that the father and son arrived at his house and engaged him in a discussion that later escalated into a dispute.

The report did not specify the cause of their disagreement, but Jessie allegedly punched Jameson in the face.

Apparently angered by what had been done to him, Jameson went to his kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed Jessie in the back. Jay Henry, on the other hand, hit Jameson on the head with a steel pipe after witnessing him stab his father.

The investigation did not clarify whether Jay Henry was already carrying the steel pipe or if he found one nearby.

Both Jameson and Jessie were taken to the Ospital ng Palawan to treat their injuries, while Jay Henry managed to escape. However, he was later apprehended during a follow-up operation.