Screenshots from @peachesdaughter74 @one_n_only_quelle @ellenacuario on Tiktok, where Ashley Barkis has gone viral for her racist remarks.

A viral video capturing an intense altercation stemming from a car accident involving San Diego-based half-Filipino Ashley Barkis has sparked outrage among netizens.

In the video, she can be seen aggressively charging at the individuals in the other vehicle, berating them for allegedly causing the accident. She demanded to see their insurance and questioned the other driver’s possession of a license and legal status in America.

When the other driver presented his license to Barkis, she callously discarded it and proceeded to physically assault him and his companions. At one point, Barkis pushed the man into the path of moving traffic, dangerously close to a speeding car. Disturbing images of bruises sustained by the other driver’s family members were also captured in the viral video.

In an attempt to address the public backlash, the social media influencer and content creator released an apology video for her racist comments towards the Asian family involved. However, her claim of being of half-Filipino descent was met with strong criticism from netizens who questioned the sincerity of her words.

Video from @rxOrcist on Tiktok.

In the apology video, Barkis expressed remorse for any pain or distress she may have caused the Asian family, asserting that she does not condone violence or racism towards anyone. However, many netizens quickly pointed out that her actions contradict her apology.

Barkis acknowledged appearing agitated and aggressive in the circulated TikTok video but maintained that it does not reflect her true character.

However, Twitter user @rx0rcist claimed that several people had come forward with evidence of Barkis consistently exhibiting racist behavior in the past.

The influencer argued that the video failed to present the full context of the incident, suggesting that certain aspects were taken out of context. Barkis explained that she had intended to capture proper pictures of the other driver’s license but encountered difficulties due to his failure to hold it out correctly. She admitted that there were alternative ways she could have handled the situation without resorting to frustration and violence.

“I hope you guys understand now that I am not at all racist. I’m just a human being who needs a little bit more practice,” Barkis stated towards the conclusion of her apology video.

However, critics, including @rx0rcist, pointed out that Barkis failed to address the fact that she nearly caused the Asian man’s death when she pushed him into oncoming traffic.

The online community has labeled Barkis as a racist and bigot in the wake of the incident. Viewers found her apology lacking sincerity and genuine remorse while many demanded Barkis’ arrest, accusing her of attempted murder for pushing the other driver into oncoming traffic.