Halal Caravan held at the New Green City Hall Building. (Photo from Puerto Princesa City Information Office)

The Palawan Halal Development Council Incorporated (PHDI), in collaboration with the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) and the local government of Puerto Princesa, conducted a Halal Caravan Information and Education Campaign on Tuesday, November 21.

The event was attended by local restaurant owners, vegetable cultivators, and producers of fish by-products.

City Agriculturist Melissa Macasaet emphasized the significance of Halal Certification for the sustainability of food businesses and the agri-fishery industry.

City Administrator Atty. Arnel Pedrosa thanked PHDCI and NCMF for leading the dissemination of knowledge and information regarding Halal Certification.

He said that awareness on the importance of Halal products and facilities in the city contributes to the growth of the tourism industry as it attracts potential business investors and promotes well-being for the local Muslim community, considering their religious practices.

Prof. Said-alih K. Sha, Chief Executive Officer of PHDCI, explained the general concept and foundation of the Halal Information and Education Campaign (IEC).

He emphasized that spreading awareness about the significance of HALAL accreditation is a nationwide effort, already underway in several municipalities in northern Palawan.

He also detailed the processes involved in obtaining Halal Certification.

Alejandro Deron, head of the Cultural Affairs Division of NCMF South Luzon, discussed the topic of Understanding Halal, sharing the fundamental concepts and principles of Halal, including prohibited practices under general Halal guidelines.

Sheik Yusuf Gonzales highlighted the importance and benefits of Halal in the community, while Angela Publico from the Department of Agriculture discussed the agency’s efforts in promoting Halal Accreditation in the agriculture and fisheries sector in Palawan.

She conveyed the department’s mission to increase production and market presence of Halal agri-fishery products, aiming for global recognition.

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