Akbayan Party has organized a protest against the continued aggression and harassment perpetrated by the China Coast Guard (CCG) against Filipino fishermen and troops in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

The democratic socialist political party is calling on Filipinos from all walks of life to join the “WPS (West Philippine Sea) Day of Action,” to be held in front of the Chinese Consular Office in Makati on June 11.

The event, described as a “pre-Independence Day protest” by Akbayan, aims to condemn China’s escalating acts of harassment and aggression in the WPS, in light of the most recent incident where CCG personnel seized supplies for troops aboard BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal, which the group described as “pillage and piracy tactics.”

“China’s attempt to seize our food and medical supplies, intended for our brave Filipino frontliners, is not just a violation of human rights; it is outright modern-day piracy. They cannot do a ‘Made in China’ Jack Sparrow act in our backyard and expect no accountability,” Akbayan President Rafaela David stated.

“China’s shameless acts of harassment and blatant disregard for our sovereign rights in the area must be met with resolute defiance. We refuse to be intimidated. Our brave frontliners deserve unwavering support, not pillaging by foreign aggressors. This is not just an attack on our supplies; it’s an assault on our dignity as a nation,” she emphasized.

David, who also co-founded Atin Ito Coalition, a civil society coalition behind “civilian-led supply missions” to the WPS, said the activity on Tuesday aims to demonstrate strong solidarity with Filipino fishers affected by China’s unlawful presence and actions in the area. She encouraged protest participants to bring Philippine flags and join the activity with their friends and loved ones.

She emphasized that the activity will not just be about territorial claims but also about standing up for what is just and showing that reactions and responses to China’s aggressive and violent actions will be peaceful yet assertive and resolute.

Furthermore, David stressed the importance of national unity, solidarity, and active citizenship on this matter.

“This is more than a protest; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to defend our fishers’ and frontliners’ rights and welfare, as well as our nation’s sovereignty, sovereign rights, and territorial integrity,” she explained