An outfit check looks good when paired with your chosen accessories. Sometimes, bringing it with gold jewelry is something needed to give the best #OOTD.

Not only is it a perfect choice for the look, but it is also a wise investment for a lifetime. Gold never gets old, which is why everyone should consider investing in it.

What’s good with gold?
People of any age are fond of investing in themselves and acquiring gadgets, as well as branded clothing or shoes. However, there’s another way to invest in style, where the value appreciates over time just like gold jewelry.

An item purchased 20 years ago might increase up to five times its original value, making it a great item to be passed down as an inheritance (“Panama”). Jewelry stores have noticed that even younger generations are now starting to purchase and invest in gold jewelry over flashy accessories.

People are now more aware and educated about the perks of having gold jewelry as it is no longer limited to older generations and the wealthy. Some realizations were made during the pandemic when people recognized the importance of owning an asset like gold jewelry that could be used in times of great need.

Moreover, gold jewelry can serve as a financial safety net in the current trend of inflation, as it can be easily converted into cash.

What accessory should a first-timer start investing in?
As advised by jewelers, having small pieces first could be good for starters. There is no need to feel pressured into immediately investing in a high-value item that you cannot afford yet.

For example, you could start with something wearable daily, such as a stud earring or a simple necklace.

Nowadays, there are sellers available online, in malls, and even in pawnshops that offer installment payments, allowing customers to have more accessible and budget-friendly payment terms. Various payment options such as cash, bili-Sangla, and Zero Interest plans can be availed of at stores like Palawan Pawnshop, where customers can make an initial payment, pawn the remaining balance, and pay in installments to obtain the desired item.

With over 3,300 branches nationwide, customers have the option to visit any of these locations and choose from a variety of jewelry items. Alternatively, they can conveniently browse and make purchases online through the Palawan Pawnshop Jewelry Facebook page.

How to identify real gold from fake?
Most of the time, it can be challenging to determine whether an item is real or fake, and this decision is crucial to ensure the value of the money being spent.

Jewelers suggest checking the hallmarks when purchasing gold jewelry. Typically, the item comes with a ‘stamp’ that indicates the karat of gold in the jewelry, such as 750 or K18 for 18-karat gold jewelry.

It is important to familiarize oneself with gold’s size, weight, and color. If the item appears overly bright yellow, is unusually large in size, and weighs significantly more than expected, it could be an indication of it is fake. Additionally, customers should be aware that fake gold will be attracted to a magnet.

Reading articles and online resources can help customers become better informed about purchasing genuine items. It is essential to always consider the legitimacy of the source or seller when gathering information.

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