Dr. Emmanuel Olmoguez of the Cuyo District Hospital shows the P10 coin he removed from the throat of a young female patient on May 22, 2019, saving her life. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Emmanuel Olmoguez)

A doctor in a district hospital in Cuyo, Palawan successfully saved a young girl from choking on a ten peso coin.

The girl, whose name was not made available, reportedly choked on the coin while playing at home last May 22, 2019.

Dr. Emmanuel Olmoguez said the girl was rushed to the Cuyo District Hospital (CDH) by her relatives for vomitting and drooling heavily.

“Nagsusuka at naglalaway ang bata dahil na rin sa may coin sa kanyang esophagus. Ginawa natin ang lahat para makuha ang barya,” Olmoguez said Tuesday.

Olmoguez explained that he used a catheter to remove the coin from the patient’s throat.

“I passed the catheter way passed the coin by estimate then inflated the catheter by 5cc at slowly hinila ang catheter. At first, I was hesitant to do it, but God gave me the courage I need through prayer. Then with His peace, I proceeded without doubt,” Olmoguez said.

Olmoguez also shared the good news to his friends on Facebook, “Successfully removed this 10 peso coin from a little girl’s esophagus using a catheter. When the coin popped out from the mouth, the parents and grandmother of the child hugged me with tears of joy.”

He noted that the girl also thanked and gave him “a hug and smile.”

The girl’s grandmother, Beverlinita Aranador, also thanked him in a comment on his post.

“Thanks, Doc hindi po kita makakalimutan sa ginawa niyo sa apo ko. God bless po kayo… palagi ko ipagdadasal ang lahat ng ginagawa niyo sa lahat lahat… God bless… Thanks… thanks,” Aranador said.

Although the incident is an “isolated case,” Olmoguez reminded parents to take care of their young children by not allowing them to play with small toys and other items that can choke them.