Operatives of Coast Guard Station Southwestern Palawan (CGSSWP), together with personnel of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) and barangay officials, discovered a stack of fossilized giant clam shells buried in the shores of Barangay Sebaring, Balabac, last Wednesday, February 14.

CGSSWP station commander Ens. Gabriel Infante said coast guard personnel were walking along the shores of Barangay Sebaring when they accidentally discovered the giant sea clam shells, locally known as “manlet.”

“Because of strong waves during that time, the waves washed off the sands, exposing the shells. So suspecting that there might be more, we dug up and found the pile covered with sand,” Infante said.

He added that they still need to identify the owner of the shells.

“When we asked around, resident fishermen also denied knowledge of the shells,” he said.

The CGSSWP dug up 336 giant clam shells with an estimated market value of ₱8.1 million, which were later turned over to Brgy. Sebaring for custody and proper disposition.