Gangub daycare center opens

Students of Gangub Daycare Center will no longer hold classes in a nipa hut after RTNMC and CBNC build a decent school classroom for them.

Some 25 daycare learners from Sitio Gangub, Barangay Sandoval, Bataraza will be the first to utilize a newly constructed learning facility recently turned over to the local government by the Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation (RTNMC) and the Coral Bay Nickel Corporation (CBNC).

This standard day care center building facility” is one of the community projects of CBNC and RTNMC as a continuing commitment to education support programs.

Vivian Barlizo, child development worker at the Sitio Gangub Day Care Center, said that with the daycare center building is ready for use and that they no longer have to hold their activities in a small hut like they did before.

“Ngayon, mas komportable na ang mga bata sa pag-aaral hindi kagaya dati na sa isang maliit na kubo lang kami nagkaklase.” she said during her appreciation message.

The turnover ceremony was held in March 2018, where parents, barangay officials, community volunteers, and representatives from RTNMC and CBNC attended.

Reynaldo “Bong” Dela Rosa, the community relations manager of RTNMC, challenged the parents to support the children’s education.

“Ngayon na mas maganda na ang inyong daycare center, alam ko masaya kayo. Magpatuloy lang kayo sa pag-aaral kasi baka ang ilan sa inyo ay maging doktor, guro, kagawad, kapitan, mayor, gobernador o kaya naman maging isang presidente ng Pilipinas. Hindi natin batid ang mga mangyayari,” Dela Rosa said in his message.

Along with the building, chairs and tables to support the daycare center’s day-to-day activities were also donated.

Educational infrastructure initiatives are part of the accredited DENR-MGB programs, projects, and activities (PPAs) as stated in DAO 2010-21 of the mining contractor’s Social Development and Management Program (SDMP).


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