Gabay Kalinga Foundation has received a generous donation of children’s storybooks written in Filipino from various donors in an empowering commitment toward promoting literacy and education.

This contribution marks a significant moment for the foundation’s Book Caravan project, an initiative dedicated to fostering a love for reading among school-aged children in Rizal’s remote areas.

The Book Caravan, which occurs bimonthly, involves Gabay Kalinga’s outreach to far-flung areas in Rizal, Palawan, bringing the joy of reading to young minds. The project aims to empower children with essential literacy skills, recognizing that today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders.

“Lionheart Farms believe in the transformative power of education. Supporting the Book Caravan of Gabay Kalinga aligns with our commitment to empower communities,” said Christian Eyde Moeller, Lionheart Farms President and CEO.

On November 16, Dr. Maria Angela M. Villa, Lionheart Farms’ company physician, handed over the first batch of donated storybooks to Mr. Moeller. The ceremony symbolized the commitment to nurturing young minds through the magic of storytelling.

“As a company physician, holistic community well-being goes beyond physical health. Education is a vital component of overall well-being, and initiatives like the Book Caravan align perfectly with our vision. By nurturing young minds through education, we contribute to the long-term health and prosperity of our community,” said Dr. Villa.

The foundation expresses gratitude to generous sponsors who have pledged ongoing support. Notable contributors include Dr. Melissa Bobadilla (Chicago, USA), Dr. Irene Baluyut Larkin (USA), Dr. Maria Margarita Lat-Luna (Philippine General Hospital, Philippines), Dr. Chittina de Ocampo Santiago (Quezon City, Philippines), Dr. Maribeth Rosales Manguera, and Dr. Esther R V Ganzon (Asian Hospital and Medical Center).

“With heartfelt thanks, Lionheart Farms and Gabay Kalinga are truly grateful for the storybooks, which open doors to imagination and knowledge. Our sponsors’ commitment to education is inspiring, and their donation will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the lives of the children we aim to serve,” said Moeller.

More exciting developments are on the horizon, with additional book donations expected to arrive in December 2023. The foundation is also proud to partner with Bookmark The Filipino Bookstore through Dr. Manolet Delfin, adding another layer of support to this meaningful endeavor.

Gabay Kalinga Foundation remains committed to its pillars of education, livelihood, and environmental sustainability, striving to make a positive impact on communities in need.