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Fry Me to the Moon, the down-to-earth food stall in Puerto Princesa where you can get Korean egg drop sandwiches and corn dogs oozing with mozzarella cheese, will celebrate its first anniversary on February 10, proving that it is yet another local business that has stood strong in the face of the global pandemic.

Ysmene Journ Dayawon, who founded the business with Errol Enriquez, attributes the food business’ success to its hardworking and dedicated employees as well as its loyal consumers. She explained that she started the business with other employees from Hotel Centro, where she presently works, to supplement their income during the pandemic.

“We are very happy na despite the pandemic ay nakaabot kami ng one year. To be honest, when FMTTM started, ang goal lang namin is to have additional income. Kaya naman we are very happy of what FMTTM is now no matter how big or small the achievement is,” she said.

The modest food stall opened in 2021 at Hotel Centro’s Banchetto, when tourism in Puerto Princesa was still halted due to the COVID-19 situation. Their Korean corn dogs, which are hotdogs with mozarella cheese soaked in thick batter, occasionally coated with potato chunks, then deep-fried, and sugar-coated, became famous.

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Former hospitality workers who lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic began working for the stall and were able to stay afloat and provide for their families, according to Dayawon. She stated that it was the demand for Korean corndogs that kept them going.

“Especially for the staff, all of FMTTM’s staff are either from a hotel, or a resort, or a restaurant that closed down. Kaya masaya kami na maraming tumatangkilik kay FMTTM dahil sa sipag, effort at tiyaga ng staff,” she added.

The corn dogs are famous in Korea because of “mukbang” videos and vlogs on Youtube. With the pandemic stopping international travel, many Puerto Princesa residents turned to local food stalls offering the snacks to satisfy their cravings.

To keep up with the craze for Korean snacks, Fry Me to the Moon launched their Yolkies in late January. These are Korean sandwiches that are jam-packed with fillings of fried egg, coleslaw, and cheese. Other Yolkie filling choices include Beef Bulgogi, Chicken Katsu, Bacon and Cheese, and Ham and Cheese.

Fry Me to the Moon is located at Hotel Centro’s Banchetto, Barangay San Pedro. Opening hours are from 11:30am to 10:30pm every day. For deliveries, contact 09064406759, or use your favorite food delivery app.

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